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Wellness And Weight Control

If you are interested in changing your body type and improve your overall fitness level this is the program for you. We address your individual goals and set a plan in action to meet them.

Sport Specific Programs

Whether you’re entering your first race or training for the Olympic Trials, we have what it takes to progress you toward your goals. Our team will improve your running, swimming, cycling, throwing, swinging or kicking skills with individualized programs which target your specific goals.

Senior Specific Programs

We pay special attention to the needs of the senior client. Function, safety, fitness and flexibility are key components when improving your lifestyle on the golf course, tennis court or while keeping up with your grandchildren.

Why Choose Us?

People get well fast with our expert care. Most patients recover in less than 10 visits per individual case! All patients are treated by a licensed Physical Therapist

Great Communication. We explain to you and your physician the details of your treatment and progress, in a clear and understandable manner.

Return to activity decisions. When? How much? For how long? What about work? The therapist knows what you, the patient, is able to functionally do on a day to day basis. Not only do they help you with “what to do” but “how to do it” SAFELY.

No delay in starting Physical Therapy. As a newly referred patient you will be seen the same day or at least the next business day. AMPT’s staff will accommodate your schedule to whatever degree we possibly can.


No paperwork hassles! AMPT knows what is needed by the various insurance companies and we make sure it gets done properly and efficiently. Referral forms, claim forms, insurance papers, etc.


My teenage daughter has suffered numerous injuries through competitive gymnastics and cheer. We have been so pleased with the treatment that Tamara Ordas at Arizona Multisports has provided for my daughter. Tamara was able to get my daughter healthy enough to continue to participate in cheer. Aside from the superb care she provides in office, Tamara also instructed my daughter on several exercises that can be done at home to help strengthen and rehabilitate. The staff is always friendly and were very prompt in verifying insurance coverage. We couldn’t be happier with the care and results we have experienced, thanks to Arizona Multisports.


At Arizona Multisports Physical Therapy, I felt like I was welcomed into the office right away. I received excellent guidance, an excellent set of exercises to do on my own for my shoulder and the progress seemed to be measured more closely and more accurately than in another experience I’d had with physical therapy. Tami really took an interest in my activity and spoke the language of my sport. It really seemed that she could lend her knowledge and experience to the healing process, I improved quickly after my surgery. Thanks to Tami and her team at Arizona Multisports for their healing touch.


After I ruptured a disk in my lower back I went to Arizona Multisports for pain relief, Dr. Tami Ordas was my Therapist, and the treatment she provided dramatically improved my level of discomfort almost over-night. I just did not want to have surgery, and after only a couple visits I was moving much better and able to go back to doing a lot of the things I enjoy. Tami listened to me and provided instruction on multiple exercises that were tailored to getting me back on the golf course and back in the field, and most importantly I avoided back surgery. Thank you, Tami, you were a life saver.


I had been having pain in my neck for a long time, it was getting worse due to degenerative changes. Pain was affecting my sleep habits and causing additional stress at work, not to mention my leisure activities. I started Therapy with Tami at Arizona Multisports and over the summer my pain level has substantially decreased and I am now sleeping great. My production at work has also improved and I am feeling fantastic. Tami did a great job helping me reach my goals, I would recommend her to anyone.


Schedule your free 15 minute Rapid Recovery Evaluation today with Physical Therapist Dr. Tamara Ordas PT, DPT

Schedule your free 15 minute Rapid Recovery Evaluation today with Physical Therapist Dr. Tamara Ordas PT, DPT


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